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Academic Support

Looking for targeted, expert academic support?

We offer premium academic services to support you through undergraduate, Honours/4th year, Post-Graduate and PhD applications.

Mentoring, tutoring, statistics help, proofreading and targeted interview preparation. 

We now offer private clinical supervision from an expereinced Clinical Psychologist. 

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Mental Health Well-Being

Everyone deserves help and support.

If you need support, this ‘hub’ has a range of resources for your perusal. Please note that our HUB is not a mental health service.

If required, please contact psychological services directly. You will find some options in this site. 

Increase learning

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Why seek personalised help?
A national study of 3,303 Australian tertiary students found that the majority of students reported that their studies had been negatively impacted by feelings of stress, low mood, and worthlessness (Rickwood et al., 2016).


  • Unlike other studies leading to professional registration (e.g., law, medicine, engineering), the path to registration as a psychologist is ongoing and in stages (undergraduate, fourth-year/honours, interview process for psychology master’s programs).
  • Each stage requires sustained high level academic performance, and with the imminent retirement of the 4+2 psychology registration pathway, competition for Postgraduate Psychology is fierce.
  • For example, we found that in 2019, one regional university interviewed over 480 students for the Master of Professional Psychology course and accepted about 80 of those interviewed.
  • Sydney metropolitan university had approximately 300 applications and accepted approximately 30 places per course (Master of Professional and Master of Clinical Psychology).
  • Two Australian reports, the National Tertiary Student Well-being Survey (Rickwood, Telford, O’Sullivan, Crisp, & Magyar, 2016) and a report by Browne, Munro, and Cass (2017) entitled, “Under The Radar: The Mental Health of Australian University Students”, have investigated the mental health of university students in Australia.
  • Both reports suggest that more is needed to address the increasing complexity and severity of mental health concerns in Australian university students, with stigma highlighted as a key barrier to seeking help.
  • Unfortunately, levels of psychological distress reported by university students are significantly higher than their age-matched non-student peers (Browne et al., 2017; Mulder & Cashin, 2015).

Tutoring Undergraduate Students

Statistics Support and Help

Thesis Development (Honours & Masters) and Clinical Supervision

Interview Preparation Practice & Skills

Can Our Services Benefit You?

Having being students ourselves we understand the challenges.

Our research indicates that students consistently demand cost-effective and reliable psychology and social science specific tutors, that are also experts in the field.

Common Scenarios

Sophie wants to be a psychologist...

Sophie wants to become a psychologist. She is a good student and on track for Honours. Last year she became aware that many psychology students did not get the marks for entry to Honours. She wants to both understand the materials and achieve the best result she can. Research reports are new to her and she wants some help after hours in order to understand each component of the report and to discuss the application of the underlying theories with an experienced researcher or practitioner. She knows that in her previous studies, that preparation is the key.

Nicholas is in his third year of a psychology degree...

Nicholas is in his final year of undergraduate psychology and his grades have been mostly at HD level. He is studying advanced statistics and has questions about SPSS. He feels he needs further help above what his university can provide. He wants to achieve the best marks to support his honors application, but also to really understand what he is doing. In order to work more effectively he decides to consult a tutor who has taught statistics at university. By taking this action, he feels he will improve his ability to use SPSS to conduct his analysis.

Hayden is due to start his Honours thesis...

He is clear about what he would like to do and has a good thesis supervisor. His goal is to study a Master of Clinical Psychology. He has attended residential school for thesis preparation but still has so many questions. He understands that his university supervisor has limited time.

His mates who have finished their honours year advise him to seek a mentor. This makes sense to him because that is what he would do for a work project, seek help from those who have done a similar project, and learn from them. In the past, he has done his best work when as part of his research, discusses ideas with others in order to formulate solutions.

James is Applying for Post -Grad - Masters Positions

James has completed his thesis! It is time to apply for post graduate courses. James has great work experience, but his resume is dated. He knows to apply for a Masters programs, a good resume is essential to get a look in.

He also is aware that entry to a Masters of Clinical/Professional Psychology program, he must perform well at a panel interview. He hasn’t ever sat a panel interview, let alone done any role play or scenario training. He does not feel confident about  this. 

James decides to seek help with his resume and to prepare for an interview with someone who has been though the same process. 

He is successful and is accepted into a Masters of Psychology. He would like industry perspectives and supervision over what the university can provide. Professional supervision can be found here.


Glenda intends on studying a PhD in Psychology or Criminology...

Glenda is a Police Detective and a busy woman. Her goal is to achieve a PhD and then apply findings to her work. Glenda wants to consult with a published researcher and academic who has experience applying for a PhD. Time is valuable to her. She wants a human source of her own to confidentially discuss her research ideas with, help formulate research questions, gain advanced research skills, seek guidance about writing her proposals.

She thinks about her goal in terms of one big investigation, broken into smaller parts. This helps her feel calmer about things.

'Human Sources' and Information?

The acquisition of knowledge and skills for a student is typically gained from lecture notes, internet resources, articles and written research. Consider expanding your investigation by consulting a human source. That is, someone with specific knowledge and experience that is relevant to you.

Free Sessions

  • Email us if you are a 3rd-year psychology student and you need a tutoring session or two to help you.
  • We offer this support for students who are struggling to pay for tutoring.
  • We have resources to help a limited number of students a year with this offer, and we will also encourage you to consult your FREE university services.
  • We also offer a FREE 20-minute chat with a consultant.
  • By reflecting on our own experiences and knowledge from our professional backgrounds we may be able to help you identify how you can learn and enjoy your studies more.

These are ways we can help you.

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