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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in The Pace of Your Learning, but Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

  • Feeling unmotivated?
  • Don’t know how to start?
  • Can’t recall how to reference correctly?
  • ‘Statistics’ = difficult?
  • Rather clean the house or weed the garden than start to write?
  • Find it difficult to write well?
  • What is a research report?
  • Don’t get APA style?
  • Feel like an academic”impostor?”
  • Can’t contact your lecturer?
  • Need interview preparation?
  • Want help navigating multiple PhD applications?

The Psychosocial Hub aims to accompany you through your academic journey.

Subject-matter Specific

Our academic services are focused on psychology and the social sciences. 


Our coaches and tutors are subject-matter experts, and Masters Degree and/or PhD candidates.

They have jumped through the same ‘hoops’ and want to help.


Competitively Priced

Our services are reasonably priced. You negotiate terms and conditions of service, (including tuition fees and payment directly) with your tutor/coach.

Interview Preparation

A unique service, since we can focus on postgraduate psychology entry.

We Offer Free Services

We understand that not everyone can afford a tutor. We endeavour to sponsor a limited number of 3rd year psychology students to help them out.

Donations are always welcome for this purpose (Sponsor a Psych Student).  You will soon be able to donate HERE.

We offer a free consultation to help you work out what you need.

We liaise with university academic and mental health services.

How It Works

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So that we can best help you, briefly let us know:

  • Which service you need
  • Date your work is due
  • Year level of subject
  • Subject and topic
  • Type of  assessment
  • Statistical test(s) – if you know them
  • Thesis topic
  • Your phone contact 
  • Identify your biggest current academic challenge 

Receive contact from us

Your inquiry will be forwarded to an academic professional who will contact you directly.

Agree to terms and conditions directly with your tutor/coach.

Get started!


Work together and reach success!

Ask questions, seek advice, soak up expertise and get motivated.

 Our Services 

Tutoring for undergraduate students

Our services are more than just ‘proofreading or editing’. We offer: 

  • Checking texts for formatting, word choice, grammar, spelling, style, sentence structure, consistency, etc.
  • Planning and preparing research papers and essays 
  • Addressing assessment questions 
  • Refining/testing ideas 
  • Checking assignments for compliance with required APA style requirements
  • Help with understanding and structuring scientific reports for the social sciences
  • An in-depth understanding of course/unit content  
  • Assistance with preparation for exams and other assessments 
Click Here To Learn More About These Services:
  • Are affordable for students 
  • Are relevant for students of psychology, criminology, policing, social work, counselling
  • Aim to increase your own academic skills with an interactive learning approach
  • Support you to maximise your marks  
  • Encourage you to produce high-calibre essays and scientific reports 
  • Improve the logical flow of arguments.
  • Improve format and layout  
  • Address consistency, language and style

Honours Thesis mentoring

Our mentoring services offer:

  • Motivation to BEGIN, formulate, research, and move forward!
  • A targeted and planned approach to thesis research and writing
  • Clarification of thesis-specific and appropriate methodologies
  • Discussion of underlying theories
  • Improving thesis organisation and structure
  • Statistical analysis support
  • Check critical analysis
  • Reference checking
  • Thesis proofreading and copy editing
  • The Australian Standards of Editing Practice guide our consultants when working with you. (Click here to see the Standards)

Please examine your university’s rules on editing and proofreading for honours. 

These Services:
  • Are affordable
  • Help to reduce errors
  • Can improve overall writing skills
  • Can help you to meet publication standards
  • Are an effective use of your time
    • Will be delivered with patience from an academic who has published research, and with a specific focus on the social sciences.

    Interview Preparation skills

    Our interview preparation services offer:

    • Provision of feedback on your existing interview technique
    • Identification and clarification of your goals
    • How to prepare and research for interviews
    • Cover face-to-face and telephone style interviews
    • Increase confidence for panel interviews 
    • Help you understand the types and structures of interviews relevant to both post-graduate applications and the private and public sectors 
    • Work with you to analyse and prepare for key behavioral and competency-based questions for your role.
    • Assist you to prepare examples that demonstrate specific competencies 
    • Practice role plays and scenario training (common in postgraduate interviews)
    • Practice answering behavioral-based interview questions
    • Consider common interview questions
    • Post-interview tips
    These Services:
    • Are for individuals wishing to feel more confident about a postgraduate or job interview
    • Are led by coaches that have contemporary knowledge and qualifications in psychology, interview skills and recruitment practices in the Australian psychology tertiary sector, including as interviewers and interviewees
    • Are especially helpful for postgraduate psychology entry interviews (Master of Clinical and Master of Professional Psychology).
    • Are based on the STAR methods of interview preparation
    • Can identify possible weaknesses
    • Can improve your skills and build your strengths
    • Will be delivered with good humour
    • Can decrease interview stress and anxiety
    • Are competitively priced for university students
    • Can be delivered in person or by Zoom/Skype

    Statistics Help

    Our statistics tutoring services offer:

    • Building understanding of Univariate and Multivariate statistics 
    • Advising on Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
    • Clarifying assumption and hypothesis testing
    • Developing understanding of SPSS and other systems for statistical analysis
    • Ensuring accurate reporting of statistical output 
    • Providing example results write-ups  
    • Editing and proof reading of results narratives
    These Services:
    • Go beyond YouTube! 
    • Help change the thought, “I don’t understand anything”
    • Can clarify concepts, and supplement your current learning 
    • Can reduce confusion about statistical methods
    • Can decrease stress around SPSS and other programs
    • Can increase your confidence 
    • Will be delivered with both expertise and kindness
    • Importantly, are provided by university academics and statisticians who have taught advanced statistics for psychology

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